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 Out October 18 from Talos Press.

Out October 18 from Talos Press.

"Viscera is a work of gleeful weirdness, set in a world that calls to mind China Miéville's Bas-lag novels, and full of characters fighting to reshape themselves and their destinies, in search of deep and resonant truth." —Kat Howard, author of Roses and Rot

"Exquisitely imagined, deeply insightful yet scathingly witty, Viscera barrels along at a scorching pace after vividly realized characters whose separate quests -- for identity, for revenge, for release -- find themselves on a collision course in a world that's simultaneously both grimdark and surreal. Lusciously weird and utterly unique.” —Nicole Kornher-Stace, author of Archivist Wasp

A woman with strange abilities travels across a bizarre war-torn land in an inventive and gruesomely comic fantasy tale.

Rafe Davin joined the dice-rolling cult of the Assemblage out of desperation, in hopes that his life might be better under their protection. Now, tied helplessly to his Ace and leader, he soon finds himself wandering the perilous woods surrounding the cutthroat city of Eth, plotting unspeakable deeds.

Eternal survivor Ashlan Ley is a strange woman navigating a strange land. But when her journey becomes inextricably tangled in the fates of these cultists, Ashlan’s only hope is to return to Eth, accompanied by outcasts and addicts, where her darkest secrets lie under the streets.

Through Eth’s pearly walls, conflict is simmering, egged on by the calcified organs of long-dead gods that radiate eldritch power from subterranean catacombs. And when what’s hidden comes to a boil, this band of misfits will fight with everything they’ve got—guts and all.

A darkly comic tale of unforgettable characters, Viscera drags classic swords-and-sorcery through the mire of modern grimdark, taking readers on a journey through a world whose weirdness gleams from every nook and cranny.

"The most delicious kind of nightmare, Viscera is gorgeous, theatrical, and weird as hell. Squailia's voice, the world they weave with it, and the eminently human characters they build will linger long after reading.—Phoebe North, author of Starglass

"It takes a brave and immensely talented writer to concoct a dystopian fantasy of earthquakes, killing fields, drug addiction, and routine eviscerations that is also profoundly humane and laugh-out-loud funny. It sounds impossible, I know, but Gabriel Squailia has done it. Viscera is ultimately a story of self discovery, of being who you know yourself to be down deep in your gut even when the world wants to tell you otherwise. There is extreme ignorance and savagery in Viscera's fictional universe, but there is kindness and healing too—just like the world we know." Camille DeAngelis, author of Bones & All


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A decade dead, Jacob Campbell is a preservationist, using a kind of taxidermy to keep his clients looking lifelike for as long as the forces of entropy will allow. But in the Land of the Dead, where the currency is time itself and the citizens drink, thieve, and gamble eternity away, Jacob will abandon his home and his fortune for an opportunity to meet the man who cheated the rules of life and death entirely.

According to legend, the Living Man is the only adventurer ever to cross into the underworld without dying first. It’s rumored he met his end somewhere in the labyrinth of pubs beneath Dead City’s streets, disappearing without a trace. Now Jacob’s vow to find the Living Man and follow him back to the land of the living will send him on a perilous journey through an underworld where the only certainty is decay.

Accompanying him are the boy Remington, an innocent with mysterious powers over the bones of corpses, and the hanged man Leopold l’Eclair, a flamboyant rogue whose criminal ambitions spark the undesired attention of the shadowy ruler known as the Magnate.

An ambitious debut that mingles the fantastic with the philosophical, Dead Boys twists the well-worn epic quest into a compelling, one-of-a-kind work of weird fiction that transcends genre.


"If China Miéville, Neil Gaiman, and Hunter S. Thompson had a ménage à trois, Dead Boys would be the lovechild. A cracking book."  —Jay Kristoff, author of Stormdancer

"A macabre, madcap picaresque full of fast-talking corpses and philosophical skeletons. Squailia's super-charged prose swings from bone-crunching action to meditations on the meaning of life and the mysteries of death. It's an exuberant mashup."  —Brendan Mathews, author of The World of Tomorrow

"Exquisite worldbuilding alongside a mix of humor and philosophy ... This underworld is a fascinating city."  —Publishers Weekly