Up Next

I've sold my next book, VISCERA, to Talos Press, where I'm excited to be working with a phenomenal (and familiar) team to crank out something brand-new.

After DEAD BOYS was done, I spent a few months watching my behavior at the desk and decided I could use a good kick in the ass before I squandered years trying to give myself permission to finish another book. So I sent a bunch of ideas to my editor, Cory Allyn, who naturally picked the least developed of the bunch. We're off and away, making it up as we go along, and so far I'm having a tremendous time.

I'll keep mum about the book itself, since works in progress are constantly changing. It's not a sequel to my first novel, nor is it set in the Land of the Dead, but fans of the macabre should find a lot to chew on among its steaming entrails.