Dead Boys: LIVE!

My friends, it's time to float down to the underworld! Dead Boys comes out from Talos Press on March 3, which means it's high time to announce the Northeast tour dates. Because we have those.

This has always been a theatrical novel, and we've staged most of it here in the Berkshires back in 2012. As part of the Word x Word Festival's year-round programming, we put eleven freaking chapters on stage, one month at a time. I started the serial by myself, then built up to a full cast of local luminaries, plus costumes and props, before I realized we were essentially putting on a one-act play every month and knocked it off.

Anyone who can't make the tour dates, but is interested in checking out the performance angle, should keep an ear on Audible! I just recorded the Dead Boys audiobook in Boston, which feels like a one-man radio-play version of those early performances. I'll let you know when it drops!

Anyhoo: EVENTS. Books will be on hand at all of these, and I'll sign anything. Bring me cheese. I'll sign your cheese.

THURSDAY, MARCH 5 at 7pm in EASTHAMPTON, MA: I'll bring Dead Boys to White Square Books for a solo reading of the first scene, followed by a talk about the book's unorthodox path to publication. This one's for the aspiring writers — bring your questions about process and the publishing industry!

SATURDAY, MARCH 7 at 8pm in PITTSFIELD, MA: This one's the nine-ring circus. The official Dead Boys launch party will be held at Dottie's Coffee Lounge on North Street. We've got makeup, we've got costumes, we've got actors, we've got a dance party with DJ Roth-Fitz, we've got booze, we've got books, we've got an underworld tableau being drawn on the spot, we've got papier-mâché inspired by the novel, we've got so much stuff I'm actually not sure what we've got any more. The staged reading will take the Boys into the pubs under Dead City's streets, where they'll either find the Living Man or spend eternity drunk. Come in costume if you can! There's no charge for the event, but we do have VIP Tickets for the die-hards. Thanks to Darling Event Design for this one. Y'all are crazy.

 The Bella's boys get dead.

The Bella's boys get dead.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18 at 6pm, PITTSFIELD, MA: I'll be hitting the stage with Bella's Bartok and Polysonic Joy for the Dead Boys musical episode! Learn how the Living Man met his grisly end with some of my favorite musicians. Bella's has been down with Dead City since the first POD copies, so I'm excited to bring it home with them. This one's at Dottie's, too, hosted by the Pitts House Concert Series.

MARCH 28 at 10pm in QUEENS, NY: We'll be getting weird with the wizards at Top Shelf Tattoo for the New York launch party. Top Shelf is putting together a portfolio of underworld ink, so come by before the reading to get skeletal. We'll have some makeup artistry you've got to see to believe, and open reading slots for anyone who wants to get in on the action for a paragraph or two.

I'll also be in Cambridge on July 9 at Porter Square Books, and may schedule another date or two if the horse seems to enjoy the flogging. We'll talk.